Dear Wallet.RavenCoin.World Users,

It’s a time we ‘start closing’ RavenCoin.World Web/Mobile Wallet as we have better options at the moment.
It was used for the purpose for some users at that time. Now we have extremely trustable exchanges like Bittrex and even Upbit and Cryptopia. I’m sure the’re kind of more sophisticated in money/token protection than we are – crew. Off course, you can still hold your RVN for some time on our wallet service but we strongly suggest you move your fund to more sophisticated places like above exchanges are in real.

Old wallet link:

Please not forget that the best way to hold your funds, and support RavenCoin network as well, is to use Raven_QT wallet which can download from here:

If you’re new to RavenCoin, and dislike downloading the whole blockchain required by Raven_QT, but want an RVN address with privatekey extraction option, you can also use PocketRaven which also supports privatekey backup . Pocketraven wallet can br download here:

RavenCoin On!