Ravencoin - Short about

We're the team interested in promoting and developing the RavenCoin Project together with others from the RavenCoin community. Including the RavenCoin 'Core' team:
  • Chainstone Labs founder Bruce Fenton - Adviser and Ravencoin Whitepaper Co-Author
  • CoinCPA founder Tron Black - Core Developer, Ravencoin Whitepaper Co-Author and Ravencoin Foundation President
  • Jeroz (Discord Username) - Community Liaison
  • Blockchaintiger.rvn, Strong Community Supporter and Ravencoin Foundation Benefactor
  • Douglas Pepe, George Washington Law School and Mango Farm Assets Founder
  • Ravencoin Great Global Community. It's impossible to number all of the Ravens helping this Decentralized project!
  • Overstock and Medici Ventures provides both infrastructures along with other miscellaneous help.
* Support Stopped in 2020

RavenCoin is Open-Source project and there is no real owner or dedicated team

More info about RavenCoin can always find here and we advise you check all links above:
White Paper:

RavenCoin.World Team:

Ivan Jolicic - Blockchain Researcher, Investor and CEO
Petar Nikic - Adviser, Code Designer
Savo Lekic - Coder
Pedja Ristic - Coder
Marko Masanovic - Coder
Velimir Ivanovic - Coder

Ivan Jolicic

Adviser, Researcher, Investor and CEO

Petar Nikic

Adviser, Investor and Tech

Johnathan Martin

Cloud Application Developer, founder of FitTechHosting.com

Savo Lekic

Code and PHP

Pedja Ristic

Code and PHP